Twenty reasons a little horse time has big rewards for your child

Horses teach children that:

  1. Not everything goes to plan.
  2. Sometimes it’s the little wins that matter – especially when they add to bigger things.
  3. The most important person you can trust is yourself (followed closely by your horse).
  4. Being outside in nature is good for your body, and even better for your heart.
  5. Being accepting and not judging is how you actually establish real bonds.
  6. It doesn’t matter how small you are, or how big the horse is, you can still find a way to be together.
  7. What your instinct tells you is always real.
  8. Consistency and persistence build trust and ability in ways that last forever.
  9. When you lose connection, you lose your mindfulness.
  10. You can be strong and soft at the same time.
  11. Being honest with yourself is step one.
  12. Every horse, just like every person, is valuable and has a gift to share.
  13. Loving horses is just the beginning. You need to love to care for them as well.
  14. The welfare of the horse comes first but always practice self-care as well.
  15. Fun and light-heartedness will get you there. Be the process, and the destination will reveal itself.
  16. A child is always capable of more than they think they are, and more than we think they are too.
  17. Horses see through a lie and you cannot pretend.
  18. You don’t need the matching outfit, the expensive gear or even clean clothes to be with horses and they will love you just the same.
  19. Sometimes letting go is the kindest thing.
  20. Children are ultimately wise. Follow their interests because it could be their life passions/calling.

And all this happens without saying a word.

Without even riding.

We offer Riders Group (one full day a month) individual riding lessons, and equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) sessions for children for all abilities.

© Lindy Schneider/Wedgetail Rides Equine Therapy